Part I

As you have probably guessed, Poetry Thursday’s new home has been in the works for several months. Dana and I posted the first two posts here as “Poetry Thursday,” so this is my first opportunity to post as “me” here in the new digs. This, combined with the fact that we wanted to keep the move a secret, means that this is also my first opportunity to do what I have been waiting to do for weeks, publicly thank Dana for all the work she has done in creating this incredible site. Her enthusiasm and web-savviness have made it the well-oiled machine that it is. Thanks my friend for all you have done. We are all lucky to be enjoying the results of your hard work.

Part II

This week’s (completely and totally optional) idea was all about changes. I have been singing that David Bowie song “Changes” all week; I just can’t get it out of me head. So while I have been stuck with these lines swirling in my brain, I hope you were inspired to explore this prompt.

Whatever you decided to share this week, go ahead and leave a comment here on this post so participants can visit you in your corner of the world.

If this is your first time visiting Poetry Thursday’s new site, check out this post to find out more about what you see in front of you. If you are completely new to the project, check out the sidebar to learn more about Poetry Thursday.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at info at poetrythursday dot org.

Dana and I hope you have fun exploring the new site and checking out other participants’ posts today and every day; because around here, every day is a great day for poetry.

85 Responses to “thursday post — another thursday post at poetry thursday (in two parts)”

  1. 1 Chickadee Chatter

    Beautiful changes here. Here is my poem on change —

    I look forward to reading everyone else’s change poetry. And, yes, I’ve had that song stuck in my head all week too!


  2. 2 qazse

    this is a story about sudden change:

    dying for Christ mas

  3. 3 Dana

    Here is mine:

    a prose poem

    Happy Poetry Thursday, everyone!

  4. 4 Brian
  5. 5 Dewy Knickers

    Hi everyone, this is Rose here. My poem is called “All Woman”.

    Go here.

  6. 6 Rav`N

    mine is up. check it out at

  7. 7 Neil

    My attempt at a poem about changes is on my blog.

  8. 8 Neil
  9. 9 Rav`N

    whoops. there was a problem with my post not showing up before but I’ve fixed it and the link above should take you to it now.

  10. 10 Mike Mc

    The end is near, it’s time to Get Ready.

  11. 11 The Brave

    Hi, I am new to Poetry Thursday.
    I have been reading for a couple of weeks, but this is my first entry.
    Here is my poem regarding the theme changes; it is called “Frozen Lake” Here is the link.

  12. 12 Crafty Green Poet

    Hi everyone, well my blog has been changing too (though not as impressively as Poetry Thursday, well done to both of you! It looks great!). I’ve been pushed into new blogger and have been fascinated by what it can do, spending ages on labelling posts, when I should be writing poetry. So this week - two haiku on the changing seasons: Changing Seasons

  13. 13 GeL(Emerald Eyes)

    Hi everybody,
    Again, the site looks terrific and is so easy to navigate, Liz and Dana! This week’s prompt of change stirred me to think about courage. While doing so, inspiration for this week’s prose post came from a fellow PT participant’s comment on a poem in the previous post. Many thanks to Regina Clare Jane. Here’s my introspective piece and it’s not an old post this time!Courage. I’m looking forward to reading your contributions.

  14. 14 Catherine

    Here is my contribution this week - a little rough, but I find I can’t miss Poetry Thursday no matter how little time I have for refinements
    The More It Changes…

  15. 15 Marilyn
  16. 16 Norma

    I love the new home for poetry Thursday! My poem today is about women’s fashion change. Hope to have a lot of visitors and read some great stuff this week.

  17. 17 Madd

    Hey Dana & Liz…love the new digs!! Here is mine…just click my name…

  18. 18 Pauline

    This is such a COOL place! Find my offering here.

  19. 19 Chris

    You people stay up too late or get up too early-it’s 6am here-Here is mine

  20. 20 jessica

    Hello everyone,

    Love the new site! Congrats!

    Here is my link: Spare Some Change

  21. 21 gkgirl

    great new site
    and also had same song stuck in head…

    here i am, humming tunelessly

  22. 22 Dennis

    For something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT but still very much on prompt, click here on ch ange

  23. 23 Lady

    Thanks for this prompt. I liked the freedom it gave me.

    Here’s my poem: Change

  24. 24 dogfaceboy

    If you decide after all to read enough, please don’t read it at bedtime.

  25. 25 Lori-Lyn

    Here’s mine.

  26. 26 Beloved Dreamer

    I hope this is where I leave my poem link.

    My Poem

  27. 27 GeL(Emerald Eyes)

    Hi, I don’t understand why my comment with my Poetry Thursday link made several posts up is “awaiting moderation? So I’m going to try posting my link again.

    None of my ID info has changed and I”m already registered and listed with you all as a PT participant on this blog. Please post my comment and please tell me why it was held in moderation? Have other rules changed? If so, Please advise by emailing me. Thanks.
    Meanwhile , I”ve been enoying reading others’ responses and I’m trying again with the link in case it was a fluke to be “held in moderation.” Courage.

  28. 28 bgfay

    I got up this morning thinking about having been sick with a stomach flu for a week, the fact that a few miles upstate from me people are under five feet of snow, and the way I used to feel as a ten-year-old. Changes.

    My poem is Snowed Yesterday, Probably Tomorrow Too.

    This site looks beautiful. You folks do nice work. Thanks for inviting us over.

  29. 29 dogfaceboy

    Hey, that didn’t work.

    Try this: enough.

    Or this:

  30. 30 Regina Clare Jane

    Excellent prompt- and thanks so much for all your hard work!

  31. 31 Emily
  32. 32 Emily

    Well, my hyperlink has linked to someplace strange, so here’s the link:

  33. 33 becoming amethyst

    here’s my change…

    and congratulations on the new site - looks fab :-)

  34. 34 January

    Hello everyone! Here’s my poem:

    Eighth Grade

  35. 35 tiffany

    hope everyone is wonderful. here’s my poem. take care. xo

  36. 36 AscenderRisesAbove
  37. 37 DebR

    LOVE the new site!
    Here’s my post for today:

  38. 38 Beth

    HI! Brand new to this. Sent my email to join. Went ahead and wrote today. Here’s the link to my poem post! Thank you!!

  39. 39 ...deb
  40. 40 desert rat
  41. 41 rel

    Good morning PT,

    For a change, I waited ’til the last minute. ;-)

    Thank you,

  42. 42 GreenishLady

    Here’s my offering for this week:…Changes

  43. 43 pepektheassassin

    I’m trying this link all by myself for the first time. So, here goes. Living Memory

  44. 44 pepektheassassin

    Tried twice to do the link: didn’t work. So, just click on my name to see “Living Memory” by Adrienne Rich.

    (Poetry Thursday Note: We fixed your link in the post above!)

  45. 45 twilightspider

    This is so exciting - I feel at home here already!

    Here is my offering for this week:


  46. 46 jillypoet

    Since marriage is an ever-changing, ever-evolving creature, here’s my offering this week.

    The Wife’s Chronicles

  47. 47 Novel Nymph

    Great new Poetry Thursday site! For my change, click here.

  48. 48 Melissa

    Phew. Here’s my little changeling.

    Untitled. Sue me.

  49. 49 wendy

    Oh gosh, I hope you link the same way…It took me a LOOOOOOONG time to learn that little goes…

    Here’s a hip hip hooray for the girls. Well done ladies!

  50. 50 gautami

    here is mine:


  51. 51 Sara

    Here is an poem of mine written last fall that speaks of changing memories

    A Dark Chase

  52. 52 Poet With a Day Job

    Always last. Must be habit from being the youngest (and smallest) of four.

    Oh me of no title but much rhyme.

  53. 53 CompassRose

    Here is mine… or should be, if I am acceptable at the new site. (Which is stunning. Congratulations. I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to explore around.) Let’s try:
    dust and six silver rings

  54. 54 Tiel Aisha Ansari
  55. 55 Tammy

    I have used the prompt to share a poem by Sylvia Plath that speaks to me of my own love story.

    Love Letter

    New place looks great!

    Thank you girls ;)

  56. 56 slynne

    Here it is


    Love the new changes. Yay, PT

  57. 57 poetry thursday

    Please bear with us as the new spam catcher learns who everyone is. If you are caught in the spam filter, or if your comment is held for moderation, we will be notified via e-mail and will correct the problem as quickly as we can.

  58. 58 Dani

    Change to appreciate what really matters:

  59. 59 Carla

    LOVELY new site! Congratulations and thank you! I chose a poem that speaks to how the eyes of my soul are changing.

  60. 60 Rethabile

    Changes. I hope there’ll be a big one in Lesotho on 17 February when we go to the polls. This poem is for Lesotho on that important occasion. Changes, indeed. Cheers

    The poem is called My country, my home

  61. 61 G

    Mine is about The Best of Friends.

  62. 62 Star

    A fibonacci poem for today’s prompt here:


  63. 63 Jen

    Love the new site! Here’s what I posted this week.

  64. 64 dazeyrosie

    Voila! Not a poem this week, but there are verses!

    Happy new home Poetry Thursday. The site looks fabulous.

  65. 65 Whirling Dervish

    Hi Everyone!

    Am currently in Argentina, so didn’t follow the prompt this week (my first time)…hope you enjoy this one, though. ….deb suggests I submit this as a possible PT prompt for the future. What do you guys think- would you be interested?


  66. 66 giggles

    Congratulations on the wonderful new web page!

    Calling on Change

  67. 67 I Am

    Submission topic: “Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes”


  68. 68 Superhero Activist

    Tides…they are a changin’

  69. 69 Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    Hello everyone!

    Here is my submission! I had fun with it :)
    I look forward to reading everyone’s poems!

  70. 70 spazzmire

    my latest poem is posted here

  71. 71 sarala

    Now the song won’t get out of my head. Nice new web site.
    Here is my poem.

  72. 72 Jone

    Here is my and David Bowie is in m head, singing

  73. 73 Jone

    BTW, I love the new site.

  74. 74 la vie en rose

    seriously lovin’ the sight ladies!

    okay…i don’t feel very confident about this but i’m sick of staring at it…you know what i mean…

  75. 75 Pip

    Sigh, I guess I’m just going to have to accept that Poetry Thursday is now Poetry Friday for those of us in New Zealand… My contribution here

  76. 76 Carolee

    a day late, but here nonetheless! here’s my post on changes. i’ll be back to read your replies in the next day or so.

    she who burrows beneath a continent knows the devil

  77. 77 Ciarán

    My life was changed by a visit from a sea creature.

    A wink in the grate.

  78. 78 daisies

    here’s mine time’s change

  79. 79 krista

    Here is a poem. It’s short, two stanza’s and it is written by William Meredith.

    a Major Work

  80. 80 matt

    As I say in the post, I’m glad these ideas are “completely and totally optional”! This went a wildly different way than I expected: Untitled.

  81. 81 Michelle

    I’m a day late but still excited about the new site and the prompt. Here’s mine. Verbal: Changing the story

  82. 82 split ends

    I hope this is okay: It’s early Saturday morning, and what I’m posting is not yet a poem. Eh, I’m so late I probably won’t get much readership, but this was completely brought on by this week’s prompt, so I’m gonna drop a link:

    lyrical change

  83. 83 Sticking It In Your Eye

    I’m SO late! I was reluctant to write about change this week. Which is exactly why I needed to.


  84. 84 gautami

    I want to thank all those who visited and commented on my post. I am glad I am a part of PT. Great place to learn and make new friends.

  1. 1 daisies @ » time’s change

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